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A Haldeman Mechanical Customer Assurance Agreement (our service plan) gives you, first and foremost, peace of mind — the peace of mind knowing that your system is well-maintained and in its best condition.

Some companies use a low-ball figure for a “Tune Up Special” to get their foot in your door, and then try to up-sell you for required maintenance — we don’t do this.

At Haldeman Mechanical, our customers come first and our prices reflect the maintenance provided to keep your equipment in like-new condition. If the equipment requires additional work, we will give you a written estimate.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. Haldeman Mechanical — respected in the service industry since 1939.

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Customer Assurance Agreement Plan Benefits

  • Priority emergency service
  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • 10% discount on necessary preventive maintenance materials
  • 10% discount on labor and materials for covered equipment
  • 10% discount on labor and materials for plumbing services
  • 10% discount on labor and materials for water treatment services
  • Annual renewal notification


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Importance of Preventive Maintenance

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In today’s market, the factory warranty is key when shopping for new equipment. Often, in order to retain the factory warranty, the manufacturer requires preventive maintenance to be performed. Manufacturers will not warrant their equipment when it has been neglected.

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Maximize Equipment Life

All mechanical devices have an average life expectancy. Neglected equipment will fail sooner, forcing you to replace it. If you choose to maintain your equipment annually, the law of averages states you will reach the expected life span of your equipment, and possibly exceed it.

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Maximize Equipment Efficiency

In today’s economy, we’re trying to squeeze everything we can from our hard-earned dollar. When your equipment rolled off the assembly line, it did have clogged filters and a coating of dirt on it. Your equipment needs routine service to maintain maximum efficiency.

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Minimize Costly Repairs

Neglected systems often translate into costly repair bills. We would like to help you avoid that situation. During our extensive annual preventive maintenance, we may be able to suggest minor adjustments or small repairs long before a major catastrophe occurs.

How To Sign Up for a Customer Assurance Agreement Plan

Please call us at 717-665-6910 or complete our Service Request form. In the “Details” section say “I’m interested in a service plan.” We look forward to hearing from you!