Which Water Purification System is Right for You?

Haldeman Mechanical offers several options for in-home water purification systems. Why install one? Water purification systems help to remove impurities such as lead, iron, chlorine, and other chemicals, improve the taste of your drinking water, eliminate the need for bottled water, and save you money.


Whole House Filtration Systems are designed to deliver clean, safe, quality water to every part of your home. These provide filtered water for drinking, cooking, showering, laundry, and dish washing. Various types are available depending on the type of contaminates you are trying to eliminate. These include carbon filters, ultraviolet systems, and reverse osmosis systems. Once installed, they require very little maintenance.

Point-of-Use Filtration Systems are installed under your kitchen and/or bathroom sink to provide filtered water for drinking and cooking. These systems provide the highest quality drinking water but only deliver to a single tap and require regular filter changes.

Water Softeners are another often overlooked option to improve water quality. They filter “hard” water minerals like calcium, magnesium and other harmful compounds to provide cleaner drinking water. Softened water also provides added benefits including improved efficiency of appliances, less lime scale buildup, healthier skin and hair, softer clothing, cleaner dishes, and reduced plumbing corrosion.

Not sure which option is right for you? Haldeman Mechanical is here is help. We are a registered dealer of Waterfall Systems, a leading manufacturer of water conditioning equipment with decades of experience. We also provide free water tests for hardness, iron, and acid, and will obtain lab results for water requiring additional tests. These tests will help determine which system is right for you. Contact Haldeman Mechanical today!