Battling Low Humidity Levels During Winter

Uncomfortable young woman scratching her arm while sitting on the sofa at home.When the winter winds blow, turning up the thermostat seems like the best medicine. But this can lead to dry air throughout your home. Low humidity levels can contribute to many issues, including dry/itchy skin, damage to hardwood floors and paint, and increased likelihood of colds. To combat low humidity, try the following helpful tips.

Whole Home Humidifiers – These can be directly installed onto your current HVAC system to deliver optimal humidity levels throughout your home all winter long and require little to no maintenance. Contact Haldeman Mechanical to find the correct option for your home and needs.

Portable Humidifiers – Portable units can be placed around your home to elevate humidity levels. These units are a less expensive option but do require daily maintenance to refill water levels and regular cleaning to prevent mold buildup.

There are also several “home remedies” that can help with low humidity:

  • – Leave the bathroom and shower doors open when bathing to release steam into your home
  • – Place containers of water around your home which will evaporate into the surrounding air
  • – Purchase houseplants such as spider plants, ferns and orchids which release moisture into the air
  • – Air dry your clothes instead of using your dryer
  • – Simmer spices like cinnamon or clove in hot water on your stove

Not sure where to start? Contact Haldeman Mechanical today to discuss your specific needs.