Mid-Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance


Home during summer time.

To stay cool all summer long, your A/C has to be operating at peak efficiency. While the best way to maintain your A/C is to schedule annual professional service, there are some mid-summer maintenance checks that will ensure your family’s comfort when the heat hits.

Make sure your refrigerant levels are sufficient. Signs you need refrigerant include: system is blowing warm air, electric bills are suddenly higher, AC is constantly running, or ice is building up on refrigerant lines.

Make sure your drain lines are not clogged or blocked. Over the summer, dirt and debris can accumulate inside the drain lines. These lines transport the condensed water (humidity) that your A/C system removes from the air in your home. Do a quick check and remove any debris.

Check your filter. Your filter should be cleaned or replaced during your annual maintenance visit, but a mid-summer check is a good idea. Excessive pollen or pet hair can cause filters to clog, which will impact the efficiency of your system and lead to higher energy bills and less effective cooling.

Keep an eye on your condenser. Because the condenser unit is located outside, it is vulnerable to dirt, leaves and other debris. Also, shrubs and trees around the unit may need a mid-summer trim to maintain a 2 to 3 foot clear space to maximize efficiency.

Are you looking to replace your air conditioning system but not sure which option is the most appropriate choice for your home? Contact Haldeman Mechanical before the summer heat gets here. We can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the best option for your home.