Clog Prevention

Let’s face it – clogs are a pain. But there are small things that you can do around the house to prevent nuisance clogs from ruining your day.

flood under drain of sink in bathroom

flood under drain of sink in bathroom

Avoid Grease:  DO NOT put any cooking fats, oils or grease down your drains. Garbage disposals do not effectively eliminate grease. Instead, scrape these items into your trash can.

Install Mesh Screens:  Small but effective, place these screens over all the drains in your home to catch debris, hair and food particles that could cause clogs.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners:  While it’s tempting to grab the Drano if you have a clog, the chemicals in these types of cleaners can eventually corrode your pipes, causing an even bigger problem.

Run Disposal With Cold Water:  When running your disposal, always have the water turned on and use only cold water. Cold water is the most effective in moving any debris through your plumbing.

Brush Hair Before Showering:  This allows any loose hair to be collected in your brush or comb, instead of your shower drain.

Wash Pets Outside:  When weather permits, wash your furry family members outside to prevent pet hair from accumulating in your drain. When washing pets inside, make sure you have a mesh screen over the drain to catch excess hair.