R-22 Refrigerant Being Discontinued

The Environmental Protection Agency has instituted a ban on R-22 (Freon), a refrigerant used in air conditioning units. Use of R-22 has been linked to ozone layer depletion and global warming. Production will stop at the end of this year and by the beginning of 2020, R-22 will be banned from production and import.

What does this mean for homeowners? Most air conditioning units manufactured before 2010 (and many after that were factory shipped without refrigerant) use R-22. The cost of R-22 has been and will continue to increase as demand outpaces supply. Eventually, the supply will be depleted and you will need to replace your unit.

If your system uses R-22, you may want to consider installing a new unit rather than paying the higher cost for R-22. This is especially true for units that are requiring service and/or repairs often. Newer units are significantly more efficient and can save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bills. Newer systems use coolant R-410A, which lacks the damaging chemicals found in R-22. As production has slowed for R-22, production of R-410A has increased, resulting in lower prices.

While changes such as these can be confusing, Haldeman Mechanical is here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your options. We can provide direction regarding the R-22 refrigerant or help you select a new unit that is most appropriate for your home. Financing options are also available. Call us today!