Low Water Pressure in Your Home?

Water falling in drops and spilling over a cupped hand.

Low water pressure is a serious nuisance and can be caused by a number of different factors. If you have municipal water, low water pressure can mean there is a leak somewhere, either in your home or somewhere in the outside line. Leaks can be caused by corroded pipes which need to be replaced. Pipes that are too small to deliver the necessary water flow can also be a problem. In addition, low pressure can be caused by a clog in one of your pipes which is restricting water flow.

Your pressure issues could also be due to equipment malfunction. Pressure regulators, which determine the level of water pressure coming into your home, can go bad and require replacement. Also, make sure your water shutoff valves near the water meter are fully open and have not been accidentally closed.

If your water source is a well, there are several elements that can effect pressure. For starters, the elevation position of your well in relation to your home or parts of your home could have an impact on pressure. Also, your well pump, pump tank, check valve or pressure switch may be malfunctioning. Fittings and valves can also become clogged with deposits and therefore reduce water pressure.

If you are experiencing low water pressure issues, contact Haldeman Mechanical for a full evaluation. We can inspect your system, determine your issue and suggest a solution. If all other problem sources are eliminated, water pressure booster pumps can be installed to help boost flow when water demand is high.