A pristine living room with lots of windows. With winter weather comes reduced humidity in your home, resulting in itchy skin, dry nasal passages, and even respiratory irritation. Low humidity can also cause cracking and splitting of porous materials, including hardwood floors and antiques. Humidifiers are a great solution, but which type is right for you?

Whole House Humidifiers
A humidifier attached to your HVAC system is a great choice if you have dry air throughout your home. Moisture is added to the air as your furnace circulates heat. There are several different types. Haldeman Mechanical can install the unit that works best with your system and for your specific needs. A whole house humidifier requires virtually no maintenance. Once it is installed, you can basically forget about it. Annual maintenance of all your HVAC systems is always a wise choice. While a portable humidifier requires its water reservoir to be filled almost daily, a whole house system draws water from the plumbing system. They are unobtrusive and automatic, so you never have to worry about your winter air quality.

Whole house humidifiers operate with outstanding efficiency at a cost less than that of most portable units. While portable humidifiers can be noisy, whole house units are quiet and use less energy than their portable counterparts.

Portable Humidifiers
If you just need to add humidity to one or two rooms in your home, a portable humidifier can be a good solution. Temporary situations may also arise when a portable unit can be beneficial, such as when a family member is sick. Adding humidity to the air can ease respiratory systems of a cold or flu. Portable humidifiers can also be a good solution for renters. Humidity can be added to the air without having to ask a landlord to install a unit. When it’s time to move, the portable unit can be taken to your new home. No matter which type you choose, humidifiers offer many health benefits for you and your family in the winter months.

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