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Along with the heat of summer comes the dreaded humidity. Humidity not only makes us uncomfortable, it can also have an affect on our health. The higher the humidity level, the more mois- ture in the air, making it harder to breathe. Higher humidity levels also affect how we sense temperature. When the humidity level is high, our bodies have trouble cooling themselves. Because of this, we feel hotter at lower temperatures with high humidity than we do at higher temps with lower humidity.

In addition to health issues and general discomfort, higher humid- ity levels can cause a whole host of problems, including growth of mold and bacteria, musty odors, warping of wood floors, conden- sation and water stains on door and windows, warping and rotting of wood window and door frames, and peeling or warping of paint and wallpaper.

The relative humidity in a house changes based on climate and air temperature. The way humidity affects a home also depends on the design of the house, its construction, its vapor barriers and how air-tight it is. The recommended indoor humidity level for homes is between 35 and 45 percent; this range creates the most comfortable environment in the home. This level of humidity helps to protect furnishings, drywall and other belongings from damage caused by excessive moisture.

The best way to control humidity in your home is by running your air conditioning and using in-room dehumidifiers. If your air con- ditioning system is properly maintained and running efficiently, it should provide you with a comfortable humidity level in the main living areas of your home. If you are still having issues with high humidity or have areas in your home, like basements, garages or laundry rooms, where moisture tends to accumulate, an in-room dehumidifier can be used. Dehumidifiers will remove water from the air and collect it in a tank, which can be discarded or used for things like watering your garden.

If you are having issues with high humidity levels in your home, give Haldeman Mechanical a call. We can check your air conditioning system to ensure that everything is running properly, ensuring you and your family have a cool and comfortable summer!