Winter 2014 Plumbing Problems

sink pipe repair

Cold weather is on the way! As the temperature begins to fall, your home’s plumbing can develop problems, which if ignored, might require complicated and expensive repairs. Keeping an eye out for these problems and catching them before they become catastrophes can save you big bucks. Haldeman Mechanical is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any of these issues.

Common Winter Plumbing & HVAC Issues to Watch For

Inadequate insulation and freezing temperatures can combine to cause your pipes to burst. The pipes under your home are at the highest risk of bursting. Have Haldeman Mechanical check your pipes for needed repairs and additional insulation prior to the winter season to avoid potential flooding and possible issues with mold.

When the weather gets colder, your water heater must work harder to warm your water. The stress can cause older units to break down. Strange noises, lower water temperatures, and water near the unit are signs of trouble. Fixing or replacing the unit before it breaks will avoid flooding and electrical problems in your basement.

Furnaces and heating systems are also under additional stress during the winter. Loud noises or a constantly running fan could indicate a major failure is on the way. Having your system checked before a total failure occurs could save you hundreds of dollars.

Many homeowners simply forget to check their septic systems during the winter. Remember to check your system year-round to avoid a messy backup.

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