Repair or Replace Your AC System: That’s The Question

Now that Spring is approaching, it’s time to get your air conditioning system in good working order. If you are having issues with your system, the decision as to whether to repair or replace your system is a big one. Repairing your system is obviously the less expensive choice, but depending on some important factors, repairing your system may mean throwing good money after bad.

First, have Haldeman Mechanical service your unit. Regular inspection and maintenance of your system will ensure that it is running at peak efficiency. Small problems are easy and inexpensive to fix if caught early, but those that go undetected can easily turn into major, more costly problems down the road. And if your system has to work harder to cool your home because it’s not functioning at the optimum level, your energy bills will increase.

Consider the age of your system. If your air conditioning system is fairly new and possibly still under warranty, repair is the obvious choice. But what about older units not still under warranty? If your system is more than 10 to 15 years old, replacing the system might be a better option. Repair is less expensive, but purchasing a new more energy efficient unit may save you more in the long run. The units on the market today are significantly more energy efficient than units installed even 10 years ago.

Consider your budget and the costs over time. Purchasing a new air conditioning system is a costly expense. If repairing your system will prolong the life of the unit for many years to come, then it’s the easy choice. But if a costly repair will only give you a short-term gain, it may be time to replace. If your unit is older and seems to be breaking down on a regular basis, a new system might be a better option. A series of small repairs can quickly add up.

Consider how long you plan to stay in your home. If you recently purchased your home or are planning on staying in your current home long-term, replacing the system might be the best choice. A long-term investment in your home for you and your family is always a great decision. If you are planning on selling your home or your home is currently on the market, it might be best to do the repair and allow the new owner to install the unit of their choice.

No matter what your particular situation, Haldeman Mechanical is here to answer your questions and provide expertise and direction to assist you in making the right choice for your home and your family. Every situation is unique and requires serious thought and consideration. Contact Haldeman Mechanical today!