It’s That Time of Year Again – 2014


Heating and Cooling Tips

  • Clean and service your system, including air filters
  • Remove the covering from your outdoor air conditioning unit
  • Turn on your air conditioning on a warm spring day to ensure it is working properly

Plumbing/Water Conditioning Tips

  • Keep hoses off hydrants until all threat of frost is gone
    (Leaving a hose on is one way to make them non-frost-free!)
  • Change water filter cartridges and ultraviolet bulbs
  • Re-bed acid neutralizers and carbon filters
  • Check salt level on water softener

We stock, deliver and install all of the items mentioned above. Since 1939, Haldeman Mechanical is the name you have come to trust. Call us today!

ALSO: Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work properly and replace the batteries.


Water Conditioning System Tips

  • Change water filter cartridges and ultraviolet bulbs
  • Re-bed acid neutralizers and carbon filters
  • Check salt level on water softener

Air Conditioning Tips

  • Clean or replace air filters in furnace and A/C systems
  • Adjust indoor A/C return vents for summer (open top register, close bottom)
  • Clear a two foot space around your outdoor A/C unit of plants, leaves
  • Have your outdoor A/C unit cleaned and fluids checked professionally

Don’t wait until the temperature rises to service your air conditioning system. Beat the heat and call Haldeman Mechanical today!