Manheim Water Service Replacement

The following letter was written by a long-time Haldeman Mechanical customer, Mr. Bernard “Skip” Shimko Jr.. We wanted to share his comments with you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff, specifically Ken Leed and Justin Kilmer, for the excellent job of water service replacement, check valve and dual shutoff valve installation at my home as required by the Borough of Manheim. The replacement of the water service lateral was especially challenging.

The removal of the old service was not going well and was at an impasse. It seemed the old service was not going to be able to be pulled by the relatively simple, conventional replacement method used by the Borough due to a severely corroded service lateral. After much discussion between the Borough, the excavating contractor and myself, it seemed that the only option was to abandon the procedure in use and excavate the entire lateral in the front of my property, a very costly and labor intensive venture.

Ken, assessing the situation and not wanting to see this option take place, wrestled the steel pulling cable along with Justin’s help through the old corroded service lateral that was nearly blocked thus preventing the previously envisioned nightmare. It was a very difficult task.

The remainder of the job was also a tribute to true craftsmanship, a job very well done. Ken and Justin relentlessly worked to bring my water service back on line in a timely fashion. I have known Ken for years. He is a goal driven individual and great problem solver, accepting and conquering any challenges that confront him – a true professional. Justin is fortunate to have a mentor such as Ken as he will continue to develop his skills under Ken’s guidance and become a superb craftsman.

Your firm is fortunate to have individuals such as Ken and Justin along with the rest of your fine staff in your ranks. They are excellent stewards of your business.

Thank you again for a job well done and best wishes to you and your team for continued success in the future!