Reverse Osmosis

Do you dream about having clean, fresh water to drink right from your faucet? With a reverse osmosis system, you can have just that! 

Reverse osmosis systems reduce contaminants such as nitrates, arsenic, lead, copper, sodium and fluoride, as well as many others.

The first option for your home is an “under the counter” system. The reverse osmosis system is connected directly to the water supply coming to your sink. The water is purified as it passes through three to five filters and is then stored in a small storage tank, also located under your sink. A separate faucet is installed so that you can choose purified water only when you want it.

Another option is a full-home reverse osmosis system. While these can be expensive, they provide fresh, purified water throughout your home. No matter which option you choose, Haldeman Mechanical can help. We install local “Waterfall Systems” equipment ( for all our water conditioning systems.

Reduce your carbon footprint and save your back by eliminating the need for expensive bottled water. We also offer free water testing for hardness, iron and acid. More comprehensive tests can be performed for a fee. Contact us today!