The Haldeman Mechanical Difference

At Haldeman Mechanical, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of our customers first. When you hire Haldeman Mechanical to perform preventive maintenance on your heating
and air conditioning systems, we send a technician who will complete the maintenance services while he is on site. This is in contrast to many of our competitors, who send an “inspector” out first to assess your situation, then schedule a technician to come back at another time to complete the work. This is a flatrate form of business, where you are offered what seems like a very reasonable rate for the job, but what you are really getting
for that rate is just the inspection. The cost to perform the actual work is usually much higher.

At Haldeman Mechanical, we still work on a “time and materials” way of business, the same way we have since 1939. We believe this way of doing business is much more fair for our customers. You get what you need and only pay for what you get. And with the experience of our technicians, you can be sure you are receiving the best service for your money.


Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your heating and air conditioning systems running efficiently. Haldeman Mechanical’s Customer Assurance Agreements offer
three levels of preventive maintenance care. Each plan also includes discounts on service and materials and priority emergency service. We offer our service plans at affordable price points, so your equipment can be maintained to ensure top efficiency and longevity. We have a plan for every budget, with annual contracts starting at just $139. Contact us to sign up for one of our Customer Assurance Agreements today!