Annual Plumbing Inspection

Most people only call a plumber when they have an emergency. But regular inspection of your home’s plumbing system can provide you with several benefits.

AVOID FUTURE ISSUES. Having Haldeman Mechanical perform an annual check-up on your plumbing system can prevent small problems from becoming larger ones. Detecting and repairing a small leak before it becomes a burst pipe can save you money and headaches. Undetected leaks can drain your wallet by increasing your water bill and cause other issues such as low water pressure.

PREVENT DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME. Undetected leaks can cause major structural damage to your home, including wood decay, mold, rot and other water damage. These problems are inconvenient to deal with and costly to repair. Haldeman Mechanical will thoroughly inspect your home’s entire plumbing system to ensure there are no issues.

HIGH HOME VALUE AND LOW INSURANCE RATES. When your home is being inspected, signs of water damage will lower the value of your home and increase your insurance rates. Ensure that doesn’t happen by having an annual check-up on your plumbing system.

Plumbing issues don’t need to be a major hassle. Haldeman Mechanical can provide you with the peace of mind that your plumbing system is in good working order!